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Although not a large company, we tackle a variety of project.

From a bedroom wall repair to the remodeling of the kitchen, we make it easy on you.

You can trust our various teams, they have been with us for a long time.

In early 2004 I was working for a good friend of mine. He had to pull out of a large contract he'd bid on and therefore had to reduce his crew size. So he asked me if I could fend for myself for a little bit, you know, until he calls me back. I said; "No problem". When he called back, of course, I was not available.

It's hard to believe that this happened in 2004 already. Since then, I've work all around Boston and met some amazing people. I like to think that, in a small measure, I am leaving an imprint on the architectural landscape of this city. The funny thing is, I don't advertise, except for this site. All my clients come from referrals of other clients. Over the years, those people keep calling me back when they need something done. Now, I like to think of those people as my extended family. I've seen some of them go from single to married, kids being born and now in middle school, etc.

It's been an interesting time. I am not planning on stopping any time soon. I work mostly by myself and I like it like that. It gives me the control on quality that I want and a customer relationship that can't be matched otherwise. The other side of the medal is; if something goes wrong, I can't look for a culprit.

So, if you took the time to read this, I hope I made a good enough impression and you might want to join the family. You are welcome any time you want, either e-mail or call, I will answer.


(Just try not to call too late please)




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